Date: Early 1998
Late 2001-late 2002

Right after 1998 Nationals, Yoplait multi-packs in the central and western parts of the U.S. featured three different poses of Michelle Kwan on the overwrap. The yogurt packs were in stores for about 2 months.

It seems Michelle is doing more endorsements with Yoplait. In the January 2002 issue of of InStyle is a Yoplait ad with Michelle advertising the Yoplait Exprésse snack. She is wearing a pink costume with sequins and is tying her skates. She is holding one of the snacks between her teeth. The bottom of the ad says "Ask World Champion Michelle Kwan how she likes her yogurt and you'll hear spoon-free. When you need a snack that goes everywhere, there's Yoplait Exprésse. Now, Exprésse will donate $2.00 to the United States Olympic committee (up to $100,000) for every coupon that you send in. Look for the Michelle Kwan box for details." This ad also appeared in the in the following magazines: People, Cosmopolitan, Self, Entertainment Weekly, Cooking Light, Shape Magazine, Marie Claire, Skating Magazine, and Sports Illustrated for Women

The packages with Michelle are now in stores. On the front of the box is Michelle doing a spiral in her first Song of the Black Swan costume which is colored red. On the back of the box is a picture of Michelle wearing a 2002 Olympics jacket, and she is holding the Yoplait bar.

The January 13 Sunday coupon insert in the local newspapers contained coupons for Yoplait, with the same Michelle ad that is in all the magazines.


Bringing Home Lots More Gold


Salome label
East of Eden label
Dream of Desdemona label
Photo of the three yogurt packs
Yoplait Exprésse Ad
Front of Yoplait Exprésse Box
Back of Yoplait Exprésse Box

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