Date: October 17-23, 1999

Michelle was the chairperson for the American Library Association's Teen Read Week on October 17-23, 1999. Teen Read Week encourages teens to read for fun. Michelle's goal was to give books a attention amid all that competes for teens' free time. She said, "I'm here to say reading is cool. I really believe that. Playing a video game might be fun for five minutes, then it says, 'You're dead. Put another quarter in.'" She also said, "I'm delighted to support the ALA and this wonderful program. I absolutely love to read; it's a huge part of my life. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do in books. Reading lets my imagination run wild. Through this program, I hope to share my passion and enthusiasm for reading with other people my age and encourage them to read more." With the campaign, Michelle was featured on "Read" posters, which appear in libraries nationwide. On the poster, Michelle appears with the book "Snow Falling on Cedars." She promoted Teen Read Week in several magazines.


Silence is golden for silver medalist Kwan
Champion Figure Skater Michelle Kwan to Lead the American Library Association Teen Read Week, October 17-23, 1999


"Read" Poster
USA Weekend picture


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