Date: late 2005-2006 Olympics

NBC has been airing several commericals for the 2006 Olympics that feature Michelle. One is called "Best American Team Ever", and shows several athletes, including Michelle with the caption"5 time World Champion."

Another is called "Forces of Nature." There are two versions of this ad, one is the long version with several different athletes (including Michelle.) The other is with just Michelle, and is titled "Pressure." You can see the making of this ad by following the link further down on this page.

NBC has chosen Flipsyde's "Someday" to be the theme song for the 2006 Winter Olympics, and Michelle is featured in the video/commercial for this song. A shorter version airs as a commercial on NBC. The band said that the commercial was shot in June.

Update! iTunes now has the Someday video available for free to download! There is even a small ad for the video, with a picture of Michelle, when you go to iTunes.


Get Ready for Flipsyde
Ring of Fire Completes FX For NBC Olympics Spot

For Flipsyde, a golden moment


IceSkate98's screencaps of the commercials
karuna_dreamer's Someday screencaps
iTunes Someday ad

Videos: Best American Team Ever commercial
"Forces of Nature" commercial (long version)
"Forces of Nature - Pressure " commercial
Making of "Forces of Nature" commercial / Download directly
Best American Team ever - Snapshots commercial
Two Women commercial (Michelle & Sasha)
Two Women ad (Michelle & Sasha) - longer version
Moments commercial
Let it Snow commercial
What the Olympics Mean commercial (made by me)

Flipsyde's "Someday" video - full version
Someday video - commercial shorter version
Someday video - commercial version 2 (made by me)
Streaming video of Someday - shorter version
Download Someday video free on iTunes

Thanks mkjsdp for capping many of the commercials

Last updated February 8, 2006

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