Date: fall 2001 - 2002

Not technically an endorsement, but Hallmark has some Michelle merchandise this winter, as part of their Winter Olympic tie-ins.

There will be a line of four snow globes to be sold in Hallmark's Gold Crown stores, and Michelle is one of them. The other three snow globes are of Kristi Yamaguchi, Peggy Fleming, and Tara Lipinski. The snow globes will be sold from December 10, 2001 through February 14, 2001, and are $12.95 once you purchase 3 cards, or $19.95 if purchased alone.

The globes are 6 1/2 inches high. The base of the globe is purple, and has white dangling snowflakes and hearts. Each skater is skating on a blue snowflake beneath their feet. Each globe plays a different song, and the skaters twirl to the music. Michelle's globe plays Beethoven's Fur Elise.

Her pose in the globe is a spiral like she does at the very beginning of "East of Eden". Her leg is not as high as her famous spiral, with one arm out in front, and one in back and her leg a bit higher than her hip. Her hair is in a bun. Michelle is wearing a dark purple dress with a tank-like top that is covered with silver sparkles. It goes around her neck like her Ariane dress. There are a couple of silver flowers on the skirt. The costume resembles her Song of the Black Swan costume from Worlds. She is wearing her necklace.

In the December 14-16, 2001 editions of both the USA Weekend and Parade magazines, there was an ad for the Hallmark snow globes. Both magazines are in the Sunday local newspapers. The ad has a picture of Kristi Yamaguchi, and a large picture of her snow globe. Next to the picture of Kristi, it says "We captured this moment. And added a snowstorm." Then, in the lower right hand corner, is a small picture of the other three snow globes (including Michelle's). Next to these pictures, it says "Collect all four limited-edition Olympic figure skater snow globes featuring Tara Lipinksi, Michelle Kwan, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Peggy Fleming spinning to music." The ad also includes price info.

If you are a Gold Crown card member with Hallmark, you may have been able to get a 2002 calendar with Michelle. You had to buy 5 cards at Hallmark before August 3, 2001. I'm a member and bought the 5 cards...but I never received the calendar. Actually, very few people were able to get the calendar, so maybe if we all contact Hallmark, they might put it out for sale or something. I doubt it, but it's worth a try. You can contact Hallmark online, via phone at 1-800-Hallmark, or via snail mail at:

Hallmark Cards, Inc.
2501 McGee
Kansas City, MO 64108


Hallmark hopes to score well with Winter Olympics tie-ins


Snow globe (picture from catalog)
Snow globe (picture from envelope)
Front of snow globe box
Back of snow globe box
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