Date: mid 1996 - late 1998

Michelle signed a three year deal with Campbell Soup in mid 1996 to participate in TV, radio, and print ads, as well as make personal appearances. A full page ad was published in the TV Guide. In 1998, Michelle, along with Tara Lipinski and Nicole Bobek, appeared on 140 million Campbell Soup cans. The campaign started during Nationals, and ran for several months. Each skater was on one of Campbell's famous red-and-white cans, plus one of the Healthy Request cans. Michelle was on the tomato soup red-and-white can, and the chicken rice Healthy Request can. It was only the third time Campbell had placed a person on its soup label. A commercial was filmed with the three skaters that ran for months on national television, including during Nationals and the Olympics. Pictures of the three skaters and the soup cans appeared in print ads and in coupon insert ads. There was also a newspaper ad, which appeared in papers such as USA Today, taken out by the company wishing the three good luck before the Olympics, and then one congratulating them on their skating after the Olympics. Also, by sending in a certain amount of soup labels, you would recieve a rebate check for $4. If you sent in 8 soup labels, you would receive a mug with the three skaters' signatures.

Update! I recently found some information on how the commercial was filmed from AFCG's website, the company that created the special effects in the ad. If you remember, the heat of the soup melted the ice rink where Michelle, Tara, and Nicole were standing. For the filming of the commercial, the skaters were in the middle of a rink, but they actually stood on a green floor that was on the ice. Later, the water was computer generated, replacing the green floor. "RasTrack" tracking software was used for this process by the digital artists at Block Logic. Also, the commercial was filmed in the Pasadena Ice Rink.


Kwan, Bobek, Lipinski to appear on Campbell Soup Label
Campbell's Names Nicole Bobek, Michelle Kwan, and Tara Lipinski as First-Ever Women to Appear on Soup Label
Welcome to the Winter Commercials Olympics
Campbell Soup - Warm Up


Tomato soup red-and-white label
Healthy Request label
Photo on the red-and-white can label
Coupon insert / Closeup of Michelle from insert
Mug with autographs
Rebate order form
Rebate check

Laughing in commercial
Drinking soup in commercial
Shivering in ice rink in commercial
USA Today Post-Olympic ad / Closeup of Michelle
Nicole revealing the cans to the press
TV Guide ad from 1997
During filming of the commercial, the skaters standing on the green floor
The above picture, as it appears in the commercial
During filming of the commercial, the skaters walking on the green floor
The above picture, as it appears in the commercial


Listen to the commercial that aired (Real Audio)
Watch a clip of the commercial being filmed (mpeg)

Thanks Grace for the clip of the commercial, and Christie for the commercial screen captures!

Last updated June 6, 2002

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