Date: February 1999 - March 2002

In February 1999, Michelle signed with Buena Vista Publishing for an 8 book series. The first book, The Winning Attitude! Michelle Kwan Tells What It Takes to Be a Champion, was released in the Fall of 1999. In this first book, Michelle coaches readers to act and think as a true champion. In conjunction with the release of the book, Michelle appeared in an AOL online chat on September 28, 1999. She said, "My book is about setting and reaching goals, not just in skating, but anything you do in your life...You see so many books out there, but none for young girls. When they approached me to write a book, I wanted to help younger kids. I wanted to help them reach their dreams and make them reality through hard work. In the book I tell them the steps they need to take to make them happen...I really felt there were no motivational books for young girls. There definitely needs to be one or more of them. Lots of young girls have many role models. Role models don't explain the steps which they took to reach their success. This book takes the readers through those steps."

Also, through, readers were given the chance to ask Michelle a question, with her answering a total of 16 questions, 4 in each of her next books after The Winning Attitude.

The next books published for Michelle's deal are actually a series of books called "Skating Dreams." These books are neither about Michelle, nor are the written by Michelle. The 6 book set are fictional books written by Nola Thacker, and are said to be "inspired" by Michelle. The subject of the story is a young figure skater named Lauren Wing (Wing is Michelle's middle name.) The books are recommended for children aged 8-10.

In the middle of each book is a 5 x 7 inch postcard of Michelle from different programs (book #1 contains Red Violin, book #2 contains A Day in the Life, book #5 contains a pic of the 2000 Skate America podium.) In each book, Michelle answers questions from fans that were mentioned earlier. On the back cover of each book is a photo of Michelle smiling, with a quote and her printed autograph.

Skating Dreams Series:

#1 The Turning Point
#2 Staying Balanced
#3 Skating Backwards
#4 Champion's Luck
#5 Winning Edge
#6 Coach's Choice


World Champion Figure Skater Michelle Kwan to Author Books With Buena Vista Publishing
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AOL Chat discussing her book

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Bringing Home Lots More Gold


Ad for "The Winning Attitude!"
Cover of "The Winning Attitude!"
Cover of "The Turning Point" (#1)
Cover of "Staying Balanced" (#2)
Cover of "Skating Backwards" (#3)
Cover of "Champion's Luck" (#4)
Cover of "Winning Edge" (#5)
Cover of "Coach's Choice" (#6)
With Michael Eisner and senior vice president of Buena Vista Publishing


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Buy "The Turning Point" (#1)
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Michelle's answers to your questions in her books

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