Date: November 2001-late 2002

Michelle is a spokesperson for the Skar Skater Barbie doll! Michelle is prominently featured on Star Skater Barbie doll's packaging and will star in the doll's commercials airing in January and February. Also, on, there will be a special section dedicated to ice skating, where you can learn more about both Michelle and ice skating. The site will have biographical profiles and online interviews with Michelle!

Mattel chose to use Michelle as their spokesperson for Star Skater Barbie because of "her like-minded inspirational message of success from hard work and dedication." Michelle said "It's my personal philosophy to, 'Work hard, be yourself and have fun' that really coincides with the Barbie brand message of inspiring girls everywhere to be whatever they want to be." The senior vice president, Anne Parducci, said , "Like Michelle Kwan, Star Skater Barbie embodies the Olympic spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie as she inspires girls to dream of becoming world class athletes when she heads for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games." Michelle said, "I wish they made the Skating Barbie sooner."

Star Skater Barbie wears a costume inspired by the Olympic Winter Games' official colors of yellow, orange and blue. Barbie twirls and spins when a string on her back is pulled. The doll comes with a water bottle and a gold medal. It retails for approximately $14.99 and is available now in African-American, Caucasian, and Asian versions at retailers worldwide.

On November 19, 2001, Michelle hosted a skating clinic at HealthSouth in El Segundo, CA for 25 CMN kids from Childrens Hospital Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of Skar Skater Barbie doll. After their lesson, the kids were treated to a pizza party, and each child received a Star Skater Barbie doll autographed by Michelle.

Starting on November 25, 2001, Michelle currently is featured on There is a graphic of Michelle on the calendar page that says "Meet Michelle Kwan." Clicking on this graphic takes you to the page Meet Star Skater Michelle Kwan. This page contaings 3 pictures of Michelle, including an animated picture. All photos are of Michelle wearing her Song of the Black Swan costume from Worlds. Scrolling across the top of the screen is "Don't miss Michelle's interview with Barbie, coming January 2002." From this page, you can go to two different sites. Click on "You can be a star skater" to be taken to another page that contains another picture of Michelle. More should be added to their site in the upcoming months.

At some point,'s Star Skater section, will include pictures from Michelle's recent competitions. Also, immediately after Michelle competes at Nationals, Barbie's "interview" with Michelle will be posted on January 14 in both audio and text on their site. Additional features planned for the Star Skater section in January include an interactive tutorial with video clips of Michelle Kwan at a charitable skating event (probably the November 19 CMN clinic) and clips from her television commercial.'s has updated their site with Michelle stuff. Go to Meet Michelle Kwan to read or listen to her answers to fans questions. More questions will be added each week. The page also contains pictures (a different one with each question), and small flash video of Michelle doing several skating moves, such as a sit spin, scratch spin, and split jump. The site also has a page for Nationals coverage, which contains several pictures of Michelle, Sasha, and Sarah from the event.

Michelle's Barbie TV commercial is now airing. In the ad, she is doing jumps and spins. Then a little girl asks Michelle to sign her Barbie, and Michelle says "sure anything for a fan." You can probably catch the commercial during kids programming, such as the Cartoon Network and Fox's daytime kids shows.


Star Skater Barbie Cuts Through the Ice With the Help of Figure Skating Champion Michelle Kwan
Olympic champ aids young skaters Scores a Perfect 6.0


Front of box (Michelle holding her Worlds medal)
Front of box (with Michelle holding the doll)
Back of box
Star Skater Barbie doll
Michelle holding the doll
Asian Star Skater Barbie doll
Asian Barbie, with box signed by Michelle
Michelle signing the above box
Holding the Barbie doll at the launch party
With CMN kids at Barbie doll launch party
Posing with CMN kids at Barbie launch party
Smiling at Barbie launch party (smaller version)
Holding Barbie dolls at launch party (small version)

Graphic on calendar page
Meet Star Skater Michelle Kwan screen capture
Picture #1 (of animated graphic) from
Picture #2 (of animated graphic) from
Layback from
Screen capture of You can be a star skater


Watch a video clip of Michelle during the CMN clinic where the dolls were unveiled -- in real video or windows media format

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