Date: March 2001 - 2003 (multi-year deal)

Michelle has signed a multi-year agreement with AIM Funds, and will be featured in a national TV ad campaign. There will be four television spots scheduled to run across the major networks on shows such as 60 Minutes, ABC's This Week and Fox News Sunday, and across cable networks on such shows as Larry King Live and Crossfire on CNN, and Intimate Portraits on Lifetime. Other cable networks scheduled to run ads are Fox News Network, A&E, CNBC, Lifetime, USA Network, Discovery, Bravo and ESPN. John Spencer of The West Wing provides the voiceover of the ads. One of the ads is a main brand version, while the other three ads include specific tags for such AIM Funds as AIM Basic Value Fund, AIM Mid Cap Equity Fund, and AIM Global Health Care Fund.

The first ad (the "main brand version") was first shown on March 4 during 60 Minutes. Michelle was wearing a red sleeveless top and black pants, and was shown skating in a practice rink. Here is the voiceover from the ad, and then what was shown, courtesy of Karen and chemy:

"This is Michelle. Today there are no bright lights, no crowds, no TV cameras. It's just her, the ice, and her desire to be nothing less than the best in the world (her name flashed "Michelle Kwan, 3-time World Champion"). Discipline creates performance. AIM Funds. The idea is discipline. The purpose is performance. The name is AIM."

Visuals: forward scratch spin (far shot), footwork, split falling leaf, her back leaning on rink board (3/4 profile shot), more footwork, butterfly, sit spin, & triple jump (don't know which b/c she was mid-air), Y-spin (far shot)...

This ad campaign, which contains Michelle's ad, won the 2002 MFMN (Mutual Fund Market News) Best Ad Campaign Award, which is awarded to the best mutual fund ad campaign for 2001.


Aim Funds to Feature World Champion Figure Skater Michelle Kwan in New Ad Campaign
AIM Awarded Best Mutual Fund Ad Campaign for 2001


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Layback screen capture from the commercial

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