Date: January 2001

Michelle will be promoting Nationals and Worlds for ABC in three humorous TV spots. In the ads, Michelle tells us how challenging it is to come up with new programs, costumes and music for a competition, and treats us to examples of some of the options her "people" present her with: bizarre leather and fur costumes, strange music and odd interpretive dance. The spots first aired on January 1, and will be shown through the World Championships.

The Advertising and Promotion vice president of ABC Sports said, "ABC Sports has a tradition of giving sports fans an up-close and personal look inside their favorite events. We were looking to combine this tradition with the sport's top skater, Michelle Kwan, to create awareness of the upcoming U.S. and World Championships. Our creative team of Rich Williams and Rob Stecklow took this strategy over the top and successfully developed a campaign that will get even the casual fan interested in our championship events." Also, the executive producer of the ads said that the director of the ads, Steve Eshelman, "allows Michelle to be herself. The camera loves her and her personality is really endearing."


Michelle Kwan promotes U.S. and World Championships in three sports
Kwan Films Ad Spots For ABC


Screen capture from one of the commercials

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