1998 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on March 10, 1998

Michelle presented the award for Favorite Female R&B artist on the 1998 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on March 10, 1998. She seemed a little nervous, but otherwise did great! Although many of the presenters gave out an award with someone else, she gave it out by herself. She wore a long black dress with gold embroidery. The winner was Janet Jackson, who kissed Michelle when she accepted the award. Her sister, Karen, attended the awards show with Michelle. Check out a picture of Michelle and Karen arriving at the awards and posing on the red caret. The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards aired on UPN, and was replayed several times during March on VH1. Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the awards: smiling backstage, with her sister Karen, another with her sister, on the red carpet, a closeup on the red carpet, and with Mark McGarth, lead singer of Sugar Ray.

Entertainment Tonight had an online chat with some of the celebrities that attended the award show, and Michelle was one of those who participated. Here is the part with Michelle:

ET Host: Thank you for stopping by Joan. Next we have Michelle Kwan
asks: Michelle - Will you remain an amateur for Salt Lake City?
Michelle Kwan: Yes, I will remain an amateur. I feel like I have lots more to accomplish. I love competing and would like to continue. I'm only 17.
grant&sue asks: Michelle -- you were robbed !!! We love you! What's next?
Michelle Kwan: You know it was up to the judges to decide. It was a tough decision. I skated my best and it was a disappointing, but life goes on.
Shyllo Robinson asks: Michelle - What kind of feeling is it to win an Olympic medal?
Michelle Kwan: Such pride, honor. A lot of dreams that happened that night when I was standing on the podium. I knew I had accomplished a lot. To see the two American flags being raised was a sense of accomplishment.
ET Host: Thank you Michelle.

Also, Howard Stern interviewed several of the celebrities that were at the Blockbuster Awards for his radio and TV show. Again, Michelle was one of these celebrities. She was interviewed with Sarah Michelle Gellar. For a 17 year old on the Howard Stern show, she handled herself really well. Check out the following pictures of Michelle on the show: With Sarah Michelle Gellar, watching her microphone being fixed, laughing on the show, smiling on the show, and several more from You can also check out a transcript of the interview.
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1999 American Teacher Awards on November 14, 1999

Michelle presented the Wellness and Sports Award at the American Teacher Awards on November 14, 1999 at Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. Disney's American Teacher Awards, was developed to honor outstanding members of the teaching profession whose talent, commitment and creativity have a profound and lasting impact on our children and society. The awards were telecast on the Disney channel on November 15 and repeated on November 18, 1999. She wore a simple black dress with a fringe-like piece on the bottom and on the sleeves. She wore black sandals with a large size heel. She gave a brief speech about the importance of wellness and sports to the development of a well rounded person who can be successful in life. She said that the award she was presenting represented the fact that it is the development of the whole well-rounded individual, rather than the measure of gold medal success, that determines a persons character and success in life. Then she presented the award. Check out a picture of Michelle backstage at the awards. For more info, check out the press release, as well as the articles Simply the Best, and More added to Presenter Lineup for Disney's American Teacher Awards.
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2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on May 9, 2000

Michelle presented an award on the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards on Tuesday, May 9, 2000 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. She, along with the band 98 degrees, presented the award for Favorite Supporting Actor in an action movie to LL Cool J. She looked very relaxed. A mini transcript -- she said, "This year's nominees for favorite supporting actor in an action film reflect what the blockbusters are all about: The marriage of movies and music." Then 98 degrees spoke. Then, she said, "the nominees from both worlds are..." Then, after the nominees were announced, she said, "The Blockbuster award for Favorite Supporting Actor in an action film goes to...LL Cool J!" She was wearing a coral snakeskin outfit, designed by Vertigo, which was later praised by People, Glamour, InStyle, and Teen magazine. Michelle was shown at the awards show on several local LA news stations the next day. On the KTLA Morning News, they asked celebrities as they were arriving to the awards, "What is the largest late fee you have ever paid?" Michelle said she had left a tape in her room once, and forgot about it. She decided it would be better to buy the movie because it was cheaper than paying the late fee. During one of the commercials for the Blockbuster Awards show on FOX, they showed Michelle at the awards saying, "Keanu Reeves is here." Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the awards: Smiling on the red carpet, closeup on the red carpet (Smaller version), giving thumbs up on the red carpet, posing on the red carpet, standing on the red carpet (Smaller version), closeup while arriving, looking up on the red carpet, on the red carpet, having fun on the red carpet, backstage, happy backstage, smiling backstage, arms raised backstage at the awards, and another of the same pose backstage.
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2000 Seventeen/Cover Girl Volunteerism Awards on June 7, 2000

Michelle joined ABC news correspondent Cokie Roberts and singer Faith Hill to salute the winners of the third annual Seventeen/Cover Girl Volunteerism Awards in Washington, D.C. on June 7, 2000. The awards took place during a luncheon at National Museum of Women in the Arts. The awards honor six young women, ranging in age from 14 to 22, for their outstanding community service, and offer more than $90,000 in cash scholarships, and donations to their charities. Michelle wore a black top with spaghetti straps, and a long skirt with small flower print on it. A clip from the awards was shown on Access Hollywood the next day. In the September 2000 issue of Seventeen was an article about the awards, with two pictures of Michelle at the awards. One picture is of Michelle, Cokie Roberts and award winners. The second picture is of Michelle, Cokie Roberts, Faith Hill, and the award winners. In the article, Michelle said, "Here we are honoring these amazing people, and not one of them expected it. That's the special thing about volunteerism it's all about giving and not just getting." For more information, check out the press release about the awards, as well as a small article about the awards, and the article Volunteerism Award Winners.
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2000 American Teacher Awards on November 18, 2000

Michelle presented an award at the 2000 American Teacher Awards on November 18, 2000. This time, she presented the Team Teaching Award with her sister, Karen. Check out a picture of Michelle and Karen backstage at the awards. She presented the second to last award, just before the "outstanding teacher of the year" award. The awards aired on Lifetime, and in the TV Guide ad for the broadcast, Michelle was listed as one of those appearing on the awards show! There was also an ad for the show on the radio, and the first name that they said would be there was Michelle. It aired on Friday December 22, 2000. Read Liz's transcript of Michelle presenting the award. Also, check out a picture of Michelle with singer Rachael Lampa.
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2002 Teen Choice Awards on August 4, 2002

Michelle attended the 2002 Teen Choice Awards on August 4, 2002 in Los Angeles at the The Universal Amphitheatre. She was at the award show because she was nominated in the "Choice Female Athlete" category. And, Michelle won! Since the awards had a beach theme, Michelle wore a bikini and sarong. In an article, she admitted she may have taken the beach concept a little further than the other attendees. She said, "No one else was wearing beachwear, and I was in the car saying, 'I'm not getting out...I'm wearing a bathing suit." Thankfully, she did decide to get out of the car, and had a blast. She said she enjoyed meeting the singers she listens to, "I just saw Usher [whom] I was listening to before I competed, so I had to give him a hug," she said. Check out a picture of Michelle with Usher backstage. Also, while walking down the red carpet, she met some of the American Idol finalists. On the American Idol DVD, they show footage of Michelle posing for pictures and signing autographs for the AI finalists.

The awards aired on August 19, 2002 on FOX. Her category was awarded in the first half hour of the show. When they announced the nominees, they showed this picture of Michelle. Mark McGarth and Pamela Anderson presented her award. When her name was announced, she hugged the girl sitting next to her (I think she was a incredibly lucky girl, LOL!), and walked onto the stage, slapping hands with the fans near the stage on the way. Her acceptance speech, "Thank you! This is awesome! This is the first time I've been able to wear a bathing suit, I've been in the ice rink for the past 4 months. This is so awesome. Thank you Seventeen. Thank you for everybody who voted!"

During the broadcast, she was shown a total of 5 times. Along with when she won the award, she was also shown arriving (during the part where they announce who will appear on the show), sitting in her seat early in the show (she waved and winked towards the camera), sitting in her seat later in the show (she was shown talking to the girl next to her), and backstage after getting her award. When she was shown backstage, she said, "This is awesome, you know, to be in this kind of atmosphere. The energy...I wanted to get up and dance and boogie." She then was dancing around. Check out amethystbatgirl's screencaptures from the broadcast. Also, check out Moyesii's real video clip of Michelle accepting her award and later backstage. The clip is about 4MB and is hosted on Cruella De Kwan's site.

Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the awards: On the red carpet, Having fun on the red carpet, Posing on the red carpet, Walking on the red carpet, Another on the red carpet, smiling on the red carpet, Posing backstage with the surfboard she won, With surfboard backstage, Backstage, Smiling with surfboard backstage, Holding surfboard backstage, Closeup with surfboard, Laughing holding surfboard, Posing backstage, Another backstage, Smiling while holding up surfboard, Smiling backstage, Another holding surfboard, Striking a pose backstage, Having more fun backstage, press room pics (11), arrival pics (11), Mainstream Magazine press room pics (6), and 74 thumbnails: Arrivals (12), Backstage (12), Press Room (40), and Backstage Creations Talent Retreat (10).

For more info, check out the articles Teens Choose Usher, Spears, Rule, 'Funniest, coolest' Teen Choice, Teens Pick Best of 2002, and Backstage at the 2002 Teen Choice Awards.
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2004 SAMMY Awards on June 25, 2004

At a special ceremony at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex, Michelle and quarterback Brad Johnson presented the SAMMY (Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year) awards to 25 high school seniors. The award recipients were honored for athletics, academics, leadership skills, and community service. Each winner received a $7500 scholarship at the 7th annual event, which took place between June 25-27. Michelle and Brad spoke to the SAMMY winners about their own challenges and achievements, as well as giving inspiring messages to continue to work hard. Check out a picture of Michelle and Brad Johnson, with one of the SAMMY award winners. Also, check out the press release, an article about one of the winners, and an article about another one of the winners.
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2005 MTV Movie Awards on June 4, 2005

Michelle attended the 2005 MTV Movie Awards on June 4, 2005 in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium. She just attended to see the show, as she wasn't nominated for anything (obviously!) and was not a presenter. The awards premiered on MTV on June 9 at 8:30, but she wasn't shown during the awards, or pre & post show. None of the entertainment shows that showed the red carpet arrivals at the awards showed Michelle at all. During a recap later in the week on MSNBC, they did show her briefly. Check out the following pictures of Michelle at the awards: Arriving at the awards, Smiling, Full length picture, On the red carpet, thumbnails (8), thumbnails (5), Rex Features thumbnails (3), isifa pictures (2), ABACA Press picture (1), and London Features International: #1, #2, #3.
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