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As I was doing some updates, I realized this section hasn't been updated since 2005!! Eek, that's a lifetime ago! So here's a quick update, if you still want to know more about me, lol.

I've been a fan of skating all my life, though since the last update, I'm not as big a fan as I once was. The new judging system has really changed the sport for the worst, in my opinion. I still watch, but it just hasn't been the same for me. I keep watching hoping that will change, though!

Even though she hasn't skated competitively, Michelle Kwan still embodies everything I always loved about sport, but can't express into words. I was lucky enough to be able to attend her induction into the USFS Hall of Fame earlier this year. I hope to have the chance to see her skate in person again, at least one more time! I've had the privilege to attend some of Michelle's most amazing performances. 1998 Nationals remains one of the best week of my life, and Michelle's 6 1/2 minutes of perfection will always stay with me.

I have always been a huge, diehard Phillies fan...no matter what the result, I can't pull myself away from being a fan of the team. The last time this page was updated, I had no idea that I would actually get to see them win the World Series just a few years later! Being at game 5 of the 2008 World Series was probably the best day of my life. I've been lucky enough to attend most of the home playoff games in this recent streak, and have seen many amazing games, including Roy Halladay's no hitter in the 2010 NLDS. I am bad at posting the many pictures I take at games, but I have scrapped the 2008 Phillies season, if you want to take a walk down memory lane of that magical season. Let's not discuss the current season...

Since I last updated this page, I have become a major Disney World fanatic!! I've always loved anything Disney, but we had our first "real" trip to Disney World since I was 5 in 2007, and I have been completely addicted ever since. I'm now an Annual Passholder, and am always trying to find excuses to take a trip down there! One of my favorite things to do at Disney is meet characters.

I'm also a scrapbooker, and became addicted to digi scrapping a few years ago. I mostly scrap my many Disney trips, but I also scrap other travel, local events, and, well, everything else I've mentioned already (Phillies, skating, Michelle Kwan events.)

Well, I think that's pretty much everything about me. Now you can just enjoy the sites instead of wondering about the webmaster. I tend to get behind on e-mail. Please understand if I don't get back to you right away. But I do read every message, so don't hesitate to send me stuff! One final note, the scroll over picture for this page that's on my index page...that's not me! It's just a stock photo. That's all, now go back and enjoy my sites!

Last updated July 2012

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