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WM=Windows Media
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USOC=US Olympic team site
Me=Video clip made by me
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File Date From Type Size
Keynote speaker at 2008 USFSA Governing Council 5/2/08 USFSA WM 14MB
Interview before "You Bring Charm to the World" Awards in China / Alternate link 4/30/08 Phoenix

Committee of 100 Luncheon Interview
Clip 1 / Clip 2 / Clip 3

4/19/08 clroger YT -

ESPNews - Interview on the Pulse

6/23/07 Me WM 75MB
My videos of Michelle at 2007 ESPN the Weekend 3/3/07 Me WM -

ESPNews - Michelle's Press Conference after test skate

1/27/06 skatefan20 WM 28MB
ESPNews - Interview after officially named to Oly team 1/27/06 skatefan20 WM 18MB
On Today show announcing she will try for another Olympics 5/25/05 Me WM 8MB

Talking about visiting her fansites and interacting with fans--At California Adventures for ABC's Primetime Preview Weekend


techTV WM -

Talking about her good luck necklace on the Today show

2/20/02 NBC WM -

Peter Carruthers interviews top 3 ladies after Nationals LPs

1/12/02 ABC RV -

Peter Carruthers interviews top 3 ladies after Nationals LPs

1/12/02 ABC AVI 5.9MB
Interview montage 10/21/01 USOC RV -

On Artistry

10/21/01 USOC RV -
On not doing the triple/triple in her Nationals long program 1/20/01 USFSA MPG 696k
On 12 year old Beatrisa Liang 1/20/01 USFSA MPG 86k
Pre-Nationals press conference-On doing more difficult routines 1/17/01 USFSA MPG 712k
On skating at Nationals 1/17/01 USFSA MPG 608k
Coach Frank Carroll on doing triple/triple combos 1/17/01 USFSA MPG 792k
Michelle's wax figure unveiling
Go to the 55 minute mark (55:00)
7/12/00 KTLA RV -
Interview with Brian Boitano discussing 2000 COI 4/00 NBN RV -
Talking about what she wanted from her Nationals long program 2/12/00 USFSA MPG 463k
Talking about her future 2/12/00 USFSA MPG 1MB
Another on the future 2/11/00 USFSA MPG 455k
Interview with Cleveland news during Nationals 2/10/00 News Net 5 RV -
Million Dollar Sport piece on Cleveland news 2/10/00 News Net 5 RV -
At pre-Nationals press conference 2/9/00 USFSA MPG 559k
On staying eligible for the Olympics 2/9/00 USFSA MPG 391k
On when she started skating 2/7/00 React QT 2.8MB
About the 1998 Olympics 2/7/00 React QT 3.8MB
About the skating season 2/7/00 React QT 4.3MB
Talking about having a website 2/7/00 React QT 1.4MB
Interview with Irina Slutskaya after 2000 Grand Prix Finals 1/15/00 ABC RV -
Interview during 1999 Skate America broadcast 10/31/99 ABC RV -
Skate America--Press conference; "Tight practice schedule" 10/28/99 USFSA MPG 878k
Skate America--Press conference; "You're the greatest!" 10/28/99 USFSA MPG 455k
Skate America--Press conference; "Chill out" 10/28/99 USFSA MPG 455k
Interview during 1999 Keri Lotion Classic broadcast 10/10/99 ABC RV -
Behind the Scenes of Winter COI #1 1/22/99 TBS QT 5MB
Behind the Scenes of Winter COI #2 1/22/99 TBS QT 5MB
Behind the Scenes of Winter COI #3 1/22/99 TBS QT 2MB
Goodwill Games Figure Skating Preview 7/19/98 TBS QT 2.3MB
Goodwill Games overview (a clip of Michelle is included) 7/19/98 TBS QT 2.3MB
Michelle Kwan Day 3/7/98 KNBC RV -
Interview from Michelle Kwan Day 3/7/98 KNBC AVI 1.6MB
Post Oly98 interview on Jay Leno 2/26/98 Me WM 86MB
Athlete of the Day video 2/18/98 CNN/SI QT 1MB
Interview on David Letterman 11/11/97 Me WM 68MB
Interview on Today show 11/10/97 Me WM 43MB

Several interview videos (including interviews from shows such as Jay Leno, Dateline, The View, and Today show) of Michelle can be found on Cruella De Kwan's site.

Last updated May 17, 2008

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