Michelle was on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch on Friday, February 26,1999 on ABC. The episode was titled, Sabrina, the Teenage Writer.

Michelle only had one line on the show, but it was cute. Sabrina wrote a spy story on a magic typewriter, which brought her story to life. Sabrina used people from her life as inspiration. Her principal was "Dr. Bad," givng out detention slips of death. Sabrina was in the hall and saw Michelle, in her Dante's Prayer costume, being given a detention slip by Dr. Bad. She said "Oh no, a student is getting a detention slip." She runs over to Michelle, takes the slip, and throws it in the trash. It blows up. Then, Michelle shrugs and says, "All I did was wear my skates to school." She then skates off, and you see that she is wearing roller blades! A very short, but cute cameo. Other celebs have been on this show before in this type of short cameo.

Also, in between the shows on Friday, and during commercials breaks, they showed Michelle. She had on a red sweater over a black turtle neck, with black pants. She was "helping" the two stars of Brothers Keeper with their skating. Then, she judged their competiton. It was cute, too.

Check out a picture from the show, and screen shots from Diane and Jenny

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Photo Jay Adeff