Michelle is wearing shorts and a blue and white T-shirt with a "Chevrolet" logo on the front and "Kwan" on the back. She's shown presenting medals to the scholarship winners, all of whom have the same T-shirts with their names on the back. Later she's shown playing volleyball with them and tug-of-war. Her hair is shoulder-length with highlights, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Fred Roggin: The Olympics are only 225 days away, and already the overwhelming American darling is figure skater Michelle Kwan. The Torrance native and UCLA student took a break from training today to honor a very special class of student athletes. Kwan spent the morning at the beach in Santa Monica where she presented 10 graduating high school seniors with $5,000 scholarships. Winners included Marissa Mike of Burbank who is headed to Harvard in the fall. The recipients were chosen from over 5,000 entrants, all who excelled in both athletics and academics. Kwan just wrapped up her school year at UCLA, so she can relate to the rigors of school and sport.

Michelle Kwan: This is important to me, because I know how hard it is to juggle both skating and school, and you know, Iíve been very lucky with skating, being able to support everything that I do. And with this $5,000 scholarship hopefully it will help them to pursue further in sport or school.

FR: Now, while Kwan is a 4-time world champion and a 5-time national champ, today was time for volleyball with the scholarship winners. And what day at the beach is complete without a tug-of-war. But whatís really on her mind is the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake next February.

MK: The Olympics is always there, always at the back of my mind. And you know, I just hope that everything goes well this year. And Iím training really hard, getting ready for the season, so itís all about preparation and focus and just to enjoy myself, as well.

FR: Because as they say, preparation is the key to success.

Co anchor: And sheís spent a lot of time on it.

FR: Oh absolutely, a lot of folks looking forward to her performance.

Co anchor: And the pressure that sheís under to succeed, whew!

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