Video clip of Michelle practicing with an off white almost greyish sports bra and matching shorts. Her hair is all up in a pony tail and she is doing her layback spin for her short program.

Dan Wheeler (QVC host and the interviewer): We're at the Comcast Sportsnet Studios here at the Corestates Center and it is my privilege to welcome the 1996 ladies figure skating champion, the National Champion and the World Champion, Michelle Kwan. Michelle, thanks for spending some time with us.

Michelle Kwan: Your welcome (shakes hands with Dan Wheeler who is holding her book, Heart of a Champion in his hands.)

DW: I know that you started skating when you were 5 years old. But when did the dream to win an Olympic gold medal begin forming?

MK: Um I think it was 1988 when I watched the Olympics. You know there was Brian Boitano who you know was representing the U.S. and was totally rooting for him and he won and I was like, "he won the Olympics" and I thought you know I want to go to the Olympics. You know I never thought it was going to be this hard but when you get into it you can't look back. I mean right now I'm going for my dreams and that is to represent the U.S. and going to the 1998 Olympics.

(Practice clips of doing a single axel are shown)

Jane Rudolph Tracy another QVC host and huge figure skating fan is actually selling stuff live from the Corestates Center where the competition is taking place. The Michelle interview is on tape.

Jane Rudolph Tracy: And the audience is on their feet once again applauding for Michelle Kwan as the medal ceremony is going on as we speak. We're live from the Corestates Center and I just thought I would show this to you because you'll see Dan holding it in his lap as he talked to Michelle. It's Michelle's newest book. We will have it on QVC February 6th during the opening ceremonies, U.S. Olympic Showcase. That's QVC February 6th from 4-6 pm eastern. Not only Michelle's book but also if you are a figure skating fan you know Michelle wears a goodluck charm that was a gift from her grandmother. We will also package with the book a reproduction of that charm that Michelle wears so proudly. And I have to tell you those of you who just listened in to Michelle talking about Brian Boitano and if you follow skating you know that Brian was really instrumental in keeping Michelle's confidence this year and helping her through some tough times in her career and I was watching when Michelle skated off to see Frank Carroll her coach, Brian stood up and blew her a kiss and she waved to him and you could see in his eyes and in hers that it was another incredible moment heading to another Olympic games.

--Back to tape--

DW: How is the Olympics different for you than any other competition?

MK: Well the Olympics, it's once in a lifetime that an athlete gets to go there and for me it's always been a dream just to compete. You know, forget the gold, forget everything, it's just to be there and competing against everybody, competing against the world and it's just an honor. (A clip of Michelle practicing a double loop is shown. Then, a clip of Michelle doing her short program foot sequence is shown as she says the following.) I mean I barely touch the ice and I'm gliding and I feel like I'm in control and it feels like my arms are wings and it's just a really neat feeling.

Huge thanks to Chance for this transcript!

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