Here is the passage that Michelle Kwan delivered before the show:

I was small when I first heard the legend of Mulan. My father told me the story. He heard it when he was growing up.

Michelle smiles with a brilliant glow

Sometimes, I think my dad thinks I'm Mulan.

Clips form the cartoon are shown...a soldier hitting the great drums, scenery at the Chinese army outpost, father Fa holding up his sword, Mulan on the ground in front of Captain Shang as Pang at the outpost, Mulan punching the short soldier with the bruise on his eye near beginning of movie, Michelle Kwan skating with the soldier outfit, Mulan riding on the horse, jumping off the horse to meet her mother for the meeting with the matchmaker

In the story of Mulan, she joins the army in the place of her father. She's not a perfect soldier, but she's ready to learn. When I'm skating, I, I sometimes feel like Mulan. She's about my age, in her teens, very independent, like me!

Huge thanks to Valerie Chung for this transcript!

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Photo Jay Adeff