Kevin Newman: Michelle has been busy since winning the silver medal at the Olympics in Nagano, Japan last February. Just a month ago she won the World championships. Now she is on a 59 city Champions on Ice tour - 59 cities! And tomorrow night she's going to be performing here in New York skating to music from Mulan. It's a new movie by Disney which opens next month. Disney, of course, is the parent company of ABC, I should hasten to add. And Michelle Kwan joins us now.

KN: Good morning, how are you?

Michelle Kwan: Good morning! I'm doing fine.

KN: Now Mulan is an animated feature, I gather, because I haven't seen it, about a coming of age story of a Chinese girl. Did you know this story growing up?

MK: Well, growing up my parents had told me about the story and what it was about, and I could only imagine what it was about in my head. I could imagine pictures, and for Disney to make it, I was so curious. I was like, how are they going to do this?

KN: And you got to see the movie?

MK: Yeah.

KN: And you got to hear the music?

MK: I heard everything, and I was like, this is going to be great to skate to, can I skate to it? (laughing)

KN: You asked them?

MK: Well, I was very interested, definitely. The music, it really reflects how I feel sometimes and it's really, really beautiful, and something I can skate to and enjoy.

KN: (showing video of Michelle in practice rink) This is you practicing to Reflections, I guess - a little sneak peek here.

MK: Yeah. This is what I'm going to do in Madison Square Garden tomorrow, the first time I'll debut the program, so..

KN: Sounds beautiful - looks beautiful.

MK: Thank you. I don't have the costume on, so it doesn't make the whole effect.

KN: That's something! So, you're doing this, you're touring 59 cities, you've got a development deal I guess with Disney and ABC. How do you remain an amateur? Because you want to compete in the 2002 Olympics, and if you're doing these other things, how do you maintain your amateur status?

MK: Well, you maintain your amateur status by the ISU sanctions the exhibitions or the competitions you're doing.

KN: So they have to approve everything you do?

MK: Yeah.

KN: And say, "this is okay to do because, you know, it doesn't affect your amateur status".

MK: Yeah. That's how it goes, you just have to - they have to approve this.

KN: Now, for all you're doing, I mean, you're also a high school student. You have exams coming up.

MK: Yep. (laughing)

KN: How do you do that?

MK: I don't know. Just one thing at a time - that's what I always say.

KN: One thing at a time.

MK: One thing at a time. In everything you do.

KN: Do you have a date for the high school prom?

MK: No, can you be my date? (laughing)

KN: I'd be happy to be your date! Absolutely! But are you going to go? I mean, can you go?

MK: No, not really. I've been on tour, Champions on Ice, and I have the Goodwill Games right after in New York City, so I'm going to be on the go for quite awhile.

KN: You sad about that? You going to miss that part of high school?

MK: Oh, yeah, I miss it sometimes, I think about school and how it feels to be a normal student, but I have a great life, you know. I enjoy skating and traveling around the world, and just having a ball.

KN: All right, which university is going to get you next year?

MK: Oooo, I don't know! (laughing) I haven't even thought of what school I'm going to go to - it's such a big choice.

KN: It is.

MK: Big decision. And, one thing at a time, right?

KN: One thing at a time, exactly! When it comes in, you'll go "a, b, c". Michelle, congratulations and good luck on the special.

MK:Thank you.

KN: And we'll be back in a second. Of course, you can see Michelle Kwan in Reflections on Ice, that's Tuesday, June 16th, mark it on your calendar, here on ABC. One thing at a time. We'll be back in a second.

Huge thanks to Kathleen for this transcript!

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