The announcer introduced Michelle by saying how her popularity has not waned since the Olympics, that she has since won the World championships and had recently starred in her own prime time TV special. Then they cut over to a shot of Michelle doing her spiral in "Winter".

Voice Over: You have watched her grace and beauty. The way it looks as if she floats atop the ice, yet this 2 time world champion is still so young she's not even a high school graduate.

Michelle Kwan: Hopefully after, uhm, I finish tour, I'll be completely done with high school, and then I'll look forward to college and do other things, but for right now I'm on Champions On Ice, uhm, touring around America, after tour I've got the Goodwill Games in New York City, and after that I've got vacation...

VO: But Kwan can't take too much time to relax, she has a very big decision ahead of her.

MK: Well, my dream is to go to Harvard in Boston but, who knows what I'm gonna decide, uhm, hopefully I'll go to school next year, and I'm able to juggle school and skating at the same time. If I go to Boston I don't know how it's going to work out with my coach, my sister goes to Boston Univ so I'll be seeing a lot of her if I move to Boston but, we still haven't decided. (Shots of Michelle w/ Karen and their parents).

VO: Kwan's dream of attending Harvard is surpassed only by her dream of Olympic Gold.

MK: I've been skating since I was 5 and my Olympic dreams was..started happening when I was 7 or 8 when I first watched the Olympics in 88, and right then when I watched the Calgary Olympics I said, OK, I've got to go to the Olympics, so then I just looked forward and set little goals, and slowly, you know, 10 years after, I was at the Olympics. (Shot of Michelle doing her spiral in Taj Mahal)

It's been such a wonderful experience, uhm, if I had to do it over, I would do it over in 2 seconds, I wouldn't even think about it. Just growing up, as I started skating, it was always a dream to make the Olympic team, to make the World team, and you know, alot of my dreams have come true, and I'm really...I'm really happy, just really proud of myself for accomplishing so much. (Shot of Michelle doing her 3 lutz-2toe in Skate America, Lyra Angelica)

VO: Even with all her accomplishments, Kwan has much more left in her agenda before giving up her amateur status.

MK: I haven't been interested in turning professional. I have a lot of things that I want to do before turning pro, uhm, the amateur status I think is very important to me because I like competing, uhm, I like how you feel when you compete, you know, at the Worlds, the Olympics, the Nationals, and it's something I love doing, so why not continue.

VO: Michelle has always known that she would succeed at skating, but she just can't quite believe that at age 17, it's already happened.

MK: You know, I've always had a mindset that I would accomplish all these but never...never imagining it happening. You know, I sit in this position right now, in all of what I've done, you know, I still can't believe, I can't...I can't even understand what I've gone through, you know, been to the Olympics, been to the Worlds, you know, 2 time World Champion, it's like, God, I'm the luckiest person alive ! (Shots of Michelle in Salome and Taj Mahal).

Michelle had on a light blue top and wore her hair down for the interview. She looked beautiful, radiant and relaxed.

Huge thanks to Melrosep for this transcript!

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