Anchor: As a young child, her mom and dad told her the legend of Mulan, a Chinese girl who poses as a warrior and goes into battle. Now Michelle is all grown up, and helping bring the legend to life. (In the background, the following pictures were shown: A close-up of Michelle, Mulan cutting her hair, then Michelle doing a spiral.)

Michelle Kwan: (She is in her red and black Reflection costume.) When Disney came up to me and offered, um, for me to do Mulan on ice, I gladly accepted because I was in love with the story, and I thought it would be fascinating for me to tell the story on the ice.

A clip of the movie is shown.

Voice Over: It’s a story of love and honor that only Disney could tell. And now, skating sweetheart Michelle Kwan is bringing the magic and the music of Mulan to ice. (Meanwhile, they are showing her skating in the red and black costume, and doing a double axel next to Philippe.)

MK: This is my new experiment, which is the Disney special, Mulan. And it’s great because I get to do some acting in it, and skate also, so it’s a great combination.

She is shown skating to the song “Reflection.” She does a spiral, and her combination spin. She isn’t wearing the red and black costume, but the one in the upper right corner of this picture.

VO: With the same style and grace that her fans have grown to love, Michelle has put her own talented touch to the ancient Chinese legend.

MK: I felt sort of, um, like Mulan, because when Mulan was going to war, she was fighting for herself, for her country, and for her dad. And in the same way, I...I feel like I am skating for myself and...and, at the Olympics, for the country.

To the pop version of “Reflection,” they show her skating with Philippe

VO: As for the future, could it be that Michelle will soon be skating again for Olympic gold?

MK: Once in a while, I will catch myself thinking about it, and saying, "Four years, flies by like that. And, before you know it, I will be in Salt Lake competing"...knock on wood. (She then knocks on her chair, and then her head, and laughs.)

Anchor: Michelle’s special is called, "Reflections on Ice: Michelle Kwan Skates To The Music of Disney’s Mulan," and it airs Tuesday on ABC. Mulan the movie opens on Friday (June 19.)

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Photo © Jay Adeff