Donny Osmond: OK. She has won...this woman has won an unprecedented 24 championships, and her awards include 2 World Championships, 3 National, and an Olympic figure skating medal. Letís watch her in action.

(A clip of her skating with Elvis to ďIíve put a spell on youĒ in her Disney special is shown. The audience cheers loudly.)

DO: Thatís great. I love that. Will you please welcome Michelle Kwan!

Audience again cheers loudly. Michelle comes out, waving, wearing a simple, black, sleeveless dress, with her lucky necklace. She shakes Marieís hand, and hugs her.

Michelle Kwan: Hi!

Marie Osmond: Itís good to see you again! Iím so excited to have you here.

DO: Michelle! (He hugs her warmly) How are you doing?

MK: Iím good!

DO: Itís good to see you again.

MO: Itís so great to see you. (Audience it still cheering.)

Audience member: We love you Michelle!!

MK: (With a touched look on her face) Thank you. (She waves again.)

DO: Itís good to see you again.

MK: You too. (To Marie, who is pregnant) Congratulations.

MO: Thank you

MK: I canít see anything!

MO: Oh yes you can.

DO: See, youíre hiding it well.

MO: Well, thatís the key word, hiding it. (They all laugh.) How fun. Itís so great. So, you did your special, and youíre back. Was it fun doing the show?

MK: It was so much fun.

DO: You had attitude in that piece, baby.

MK: Oh yea. Did you see Elvis? He was wearing all that shiny... (She laughs.)

DO: Yea.

MO: Who else in is the show with you?

MK: Itís Oksana Baiul and Ilia Kulik.

MO: Ilia, heís so great.

MK: Theyíre all incredible.

DO: Uh, last time, since we talked, I found out that youíre having a little bit of trouble, or a little bit of a problem, trying to decide which college to go to.

MK: (She shakes her head.) Yea.

DO: Have you decided yet?

MK: Well, Iíve applied to many schools. Iíve applied to UCLA, Stanford, and Harvard, some of the UC schools, but I havenít heard anything from them yet. Iíll have to wait a couple weeks.

MO: You know what, though, are you excited to go to college?

MK: Yes.

MO: Itís gotta be... I remember the I first time I went to college. It was like, wow, new things.

MK: Exactly.

MO: Wow, real person.

MK: (She laughs.) Real people.

MO: Yea, itís going to be fun.

DO: We knew you were going to be torn between all these, all these colleges. What we did is got you a little present, to help you decide...

MO: To help you decide what school to go to.

They give her a basket with stuff from different colleges. The audience cheers. Michelle laughs.

DO: So, we got you a basket full of goodies.

MK: How sweet!

MO: Now, see, the thing is, (Michelle pulls out a huge coffee cup.), the thing with all these schools, UCLA has the beach bums.

DO: (Points to the UCLA thing in the basket.) Youíve got UCLA. (Audience cheers.)

MO: Stanford, Stanford has bohemians, and Harvard has glasses and brains. So, which do you like the best?

MK: Oh, I donít know. (Holds up the Harvard coffee cup and laughs.) But, I think Iíd need a lot of coffee for this.

DO: Harvard! Sheís going to Harvard! (They all laugh and applaud.)

MK: Thatís sweet, thank you.

MO: So now that you, do you have time for a boyfriend? I know youíve been so busy.

MK: No boyfriend.

DO: None at all?

Male audience members cheer loudly. Michelle laughs.

DO: All the guys love to hear that.

MO: Are you going to try to make time, and have a social life?

MK: If I find somebody, yes I will, Iíll probably make time for it.

Male audience members cheer even more loudly, one screams out ďall right!Ē.

DO: Wonít that be difficult with your skating though? Itís going to take time away from your skating.

MK: Well, you need to have a life, too. You canít just focus on skating, and nothing else.

MO: All those guys went (whispering) ďyes, yes.Ē (Audience applauds, and they laugh.) You have been so focused most of your life. I mean from the time when you were little. Youíve traveled your whole life. Youíve done so many different kinds of trips. What was your favorite trip that you did?

MK: I took a vacation with my whole family to Hawaii. And, I didnít bring my skates. Just, went on the beach. For the whole two weeks, we had the best time. We did a lot of dangerous things, like scuba diving, para sailing, things I probably shouldnít have done, but...

MO: Thatís great.

DO: Yea, yea.

MK: Oh well.

MO: You know what though...

DO: Did you find the toilet bowl?

MK: The toilet bowl?

DO: You havenít heard about the toilet bowl in Hawaii?

MK: Oh, it...

MO: The thing that sucks you down.

DO: It sucks you in then pushes you up.

MO: It pops you up.

MK: (she laughs) Probably...I probably kept going down.

DO: I guess that probably sounded kind of weird for those of you who donít know what the toilet bowl is. (They laugh) Youíve gotta go to the toilet bowl.

MK: OK, next time.

DO: In Hawaii, in Hawaii.

MO: Thatís Donnyís favorite place.

MK: Iím going to get flushed down!

DO: Seriously, you get flushed down, then pushed back up. Itís a fun place.

MO: Itís, itís scary.

MK: Iím scared of water though.

DO: Are you really? Why?

MK: I was scuba diving one time, and I was like (she makes gasping noises), I was getting a little scared. And I had to go up because...

DO: Yea. Well, scuba divingís fun.

MO: Now, you, I have to tell you I watched your special, and it was wonderful. What great skating.

DO: Great show.

MK: (Audience cheers.)Thank you!

MO: And you know what? The clothes are OK. But your clothes are beautiful. Did you have a different designer?

MK: I had...

MO: Your own designer?

MK: I have a lot of people that help me with my costumes.

MO: Your clothes are beautiful in this special.

MK: Scott Lane helped me on the special.

MO: And also, your sister skated.

MK: Yes, you can tell which one she is because sheís the tall one. The tall skater. The tall skinny skater.

DO: Is she in this clip that weíre going to see?

MK: Oh I donít know

DO: Letís watch it and see. A clip from the show.

A clip of her skating to Under the Sea from the special is shown. After, the audience applauds, and Michelle laughs.

DO: Why are you laughing?

MK: I had to learn how to fly that day.

MO: That day?

MK: They had the harness...

DO: Was it scary?

MK: Oh! My sister was so scared that I was going to fall. Every time I was flying, she was like (she puts her hands up, like her sister trying to catch her.)

MO: What is her name?

MK: ďDonít fall!Ē

MO: What is her name, your sister?

MK: Karen.

MO: Karen.

MK: Yea.

DO: And she was there skating underneath you.

MK: Yea, she was the seaweed. (She puts her hands up, and wiggles her body, like her sister had to do.)

DO: She was the seaweed. . (They all laugh as again.) You were the star, she was the seaweed, I wonder how she felt about that.

MO: Is she younger, older

MK: Older.

MO: Sheís older. But, I love the whole thing. I mean, the whole special was fun and exciting. Skating is so beautiful anyway, but I mean you really did a great job.

DO: Do you have a... (Audience cheers.) By the way, the special is out tonight. ABC, 8 oíclock.

MK: Yes.

DO: You going to take some time off now that the show is done?

MK: No, I have to train for the World Championships in Helsinki. (Audience cheers loudly.)

MO: Are you excited?

MK: Iím very excited.

MO: Cause, you know what? You just love skating out there on the ice.

MK: Sometimes Iím at home training, and itís like, OK, Iím ready to go, letís go, letís go! OK, come on! And then you still have to wait another week before you leave.

DO: Right.

MK: Once youíre there, itís like, Iím ready, Iím ready, come on, letís go.

DO: Well, good luck with the special tonight.

MO: We wish you all the luck.

DO: Good luck with the Championships coming up.

MK: Thank you.

DO: And good luck with choosing a college to go to. Michelle Kwan!

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