First Day (Dec 29, 1998)

From the CBC broadcast of World Pros. Both Rosa and Valerie e-mailed me with this info:

Paul Martini interviewed Michelle and Frank after the technical program (Ariane). Michelle was wearing a grey turtleneck and Frank was wearing a creamy suit (what they were wearing when I spotted them in the audience.) Paul asked how they felt about the performance.

Michelle said: I felt really really good out there. I just did one element at a time. Frank told me just before I went out to go out there and just do it. He said, "You've been training really hard, so go out there and show off your new program." Didn't you say that Frank?

Frank then said: Absolutely. I thought it went very well. It's always hard to debut a new program, especially in this sort of atmosphere, with the spotlights. It's not really the most ideal conditions to debut a competitive long program but I couldn't be more pleased with how things went.

Also, Rosa said, "One thing you may not have seen (or maybe you did) -- Michelle coloured her hair! It looks great on TV. Sort of a reddish-brown." Yes, I did notice that! You couldn't tell when she was skating, but when I spotted her in the audience, I thought her hair had a red tint (so did my friend Susan). But, we thought it might be the lighting (there were red lights in the arena.) Then, when we saw her the next day competiting, we didn't see the red tint, so figured it was just the lighting. I didn't pay attention to it at the hotel. But, I guess our original thoughts were correct. :-)

Second Day (Dec 30, 1998)

Here's the interview from CBC's World Pro broadcast after Michelle's East of Eden program.

Paul Martini: Would you describe your efforts here over the past two nights?

Michelle: Tonight, it was something magical for me; you know, the music came on and, I don't know, tonight was special because the audience were with me. I felt very connected to them and during my whole performance it seemed they were with me. And it felt great and I had a great time.

Paul: Your summary of these two nights.

Michelle: (giggled) It seems funny because I'm not pro.So everybody goes "oh you're going to the world pro", and I go yea, I'm going to the world because I'm still amateur. But it's a great night, just have to enjoy it, and go back home and work really hard for the national championships.

Sandra Bezic: We all know she's a great skater. But every once in a while, she gives a perfromance that is magical. Tonight, everybody knew it. Her coach knew it, she knew it, and the audience certainly knew it. The crowd was on their feet for the last 15 seconds of her performance.

I must say that I totally agree with what Sandra Bezic said. Her East of Eden program that night, as I have already said, was amazing. Up there with her Nationals programs (I feel so lucky to have witnessed many of Michelle's best performances live! :-))

Huge thanks to Rosa and Valerie for this transcript!

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