On July 18, 1997, Brian Boitano and Michelle Kwan were on AM Live (a local show in Philly) to promote Skating Romance 3. I was even lucky enough to call and ask a question! The two were on for two segments (which is a lot for the show.)

First, Brian was asked what the biggest difference was, other than money, between the professional and amateur world. Brian answered, "Travel schedule and the diversity of the projects that you can do. Where as a professional you are busy all year, Michelle trains mostly for a few competitions. I am busy all year doing exhibitions, competitions, skating shows."

Then, Brian was asked if people like him were born or made. "Most successful people are the people who work hard. I think you can have talent, but you need to work hard. A little percentage is talent, most of it is made."

Michelle was then asked if the Nancy-Tonya incident increased the interest in skating. She said yes, it brought a lot of people to skating, but most people forget about what happened and are interested in the skating now. "It has helped the sport a lot."

The host of the show then said that it is interesting when you go pro, you are put in an arena with the people you were rivals with. When does the competition end? Brian said, "Once you turn pro, everyone is pretty cool with how they ranked as amateurs and they made the decision to move on. Itís a little more tense in amateurs. He was then asked if he ever goes up to Brain Orser and told him there was a time when I hated you guts. Brain answered, "No, but weíve had conversations about that. About how we felt about each other, the competition, the Battle of the Brians. The thing about being from different countries is that no one knows what we went through except each other."

Then I called in and said, "Iím a huge skating fan. I love you both. Iím going tomorrow [to Skating Romance 3] and canít wait for Nationals next year, Iím going to see you win Michelle. (Brian turned to Michelle and smiled, and she smiled.) I guess you can tell Michelle that I am your biggest fan, although Iím sure everyone tells you that. (She said "Thank you Heather." The two of them laugh.) I wanted to ask you what you do for fun. I know you donít have much free time." She answered, "I play with Brian (she hits him, and they laugh), I shop, I hang with my friends, I play tennis, I go fishing with my dad." The host said "Is that what keeps you normal?" She answered, "Whatís normal, though?" (I know it was a stupid question, but I couldnít think of anything to ask!)

Then another caller asked, "Brian, do you think the fazing out of the figures has a negative impact?" He said that he sometimes goes yes, sometimes he goes no. The figures taught him concentration. Even when he was skating, it was going in a technical way. When he was skating, they were doing all the triple and quads. "Skating is always going into new levels. Itís up to the judges how they want to mark it."

The host then said, "You both had a chat with Scott Hamilton. Howís he doing?" Brian said, "Heís doing really well."

The host then said, "Good luck to both of you." He said that they were, "two of the top skaters in the world."

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Photo © Jay Adeff