The Official Book of Figure Skating
A Year in Figure Skating
By Beverley Smith
Champions on Ice: Twenty-Five Years of the World's Finest Figure Skaters
By Christine Brennan
Frozen Assets
By Mark A. Lund
Skate: 100 Years of Figure Skating
By Steve Milton
Skate Talk : Figure Skating in the Words of the Stars
By Steve Milton
Icestars : A Celebration of the Artistry,Beauty, and Grace of the Ice Skating World
By Kevin Bursey
Edge of Glory: The Inside Story of the Quest for Figure Skating's Olympic Gold Medals
By Christine Brennan
Inside Edge : A Revealing Journey into the Secret World of Figure Skating
By Christine Brennan
Boitano's Edge : Inside the Real World of Figure Skating
By Brian Boitano
Figure Skating Now: Olympic and World Champions
By Steve Milton and Gerard Chataigneau
Magic on Ice : Figure Skating Stars Tips Facts
By Patty Cranston
Sports Hall of Fame
By Lorraine Jean Hopping
Songbird -- Eva Cassidy Her Story By Those Who Knew Her
By Rob Burley, Jonathan Maitland, Elana Rhodes Byrd, Barbara Cassidy, and Hugh Cassidy
The Turning Point, Michelle Kwan Paperback Series 1
By Nola Thacker
Staying Balanced, Michelle Kwan Paperback Series 2
By Nola Thacker
Skating Backwards, Michelle Paperback Series 3
By Nola Thacker
Champion's Luck, Michelle Kwan Paperback Series 4
By Nola Thacker
Winning Edge, Michelle Kwan Paperback Series 5
By Nola Thacker
Coach's Choice, Michelle Kwan Paperback Series 6
By Nola Thacker

Esperanza Rising
By Pam Muñoz Ryan

Michelle chose this as the August choice for the Yahooligans! Book Club

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