Massenet: Orchestral Suites 1-3
Skates to Melodrame and Final from Herodiade from Orchestral Suite No.3 in short program
Glière: The Red Poppy
Skates to Adagio in short program
Amirov: Azerbaijan Capriccio, etc
Skates to Gulistan Bayaty Shiraz in long program
Lion of the Desert: Original Soundtrack
Skates to Lion of the Desert in long program
Classic Disney Vol. 4: 60 Years Of Musical Magic
Skates to Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas in Exhibition #1
Little Earthquakes
Skates to Winter for Exhibition #2
Les Miserables: Highlights From The Complete Symphonic International Cast Recording
Skates to On My Own for Exhibition #3
Wild, Cool & Swingin': The Artist Collection
Skates to I Love Paris for Exhibition #4

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Photo © Jay Adeff