Michelle had a pre-Worlds teleconference with the press on March 4. In the teleconference, Michelle said that she probably won't be doing triple/triples at Worlds. She was also asked what should happen to Worlds in the case of war. For more information from the teleconference, check out the article Kwan Ready for World Championship Battle. BTW, I don't remember if I posted this yet or not, but I will be attending Worlds this year!

I can't believe that I leave for Worlds on Sunday! The article, Skaters Get a Really Cool Reception, says that Michelle is expected to begin practicing on Tuesday. Since I won't be able to update when I'm away, I will put up a Worlds page, with links to where you can find news, pictures, and results from Worlds. For now, here are some Worlds sites already up:

Here are some links where you can find articles and pictures specifically about Michelle from the event. Warning, these links may contain spoilers:

Some sad news regarding Worlds. Irina Slutskaya has withdrawn from Worlds because of her mother's illness. Hopefully her mother will have a quick recovery.
Last updated November 23, 2003

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