Michelle has a new costume for Hands! Check out the following pictures from Worlds exhibitions:

Also, Valerie sent me the following about Michelle's exhibition from the CTV broadcast. (Thanks Valerie!)

I am in awe at the present moment, still trying to bring myself back on earth! Michelle's exhibition was magnificent. I watched it on CTV Station. She wore a light pastel pink dress with beautiful silverish leaves diagonally across the front of her dress (which I'm sure you've seen in photos). The skirt portion was similar to that of her "On My Own" program costume; however, this skirt was made of a even lighter, flowing material. I love Michelle's new dress, and it's now my favourite costume Michelle has ever worn.

About Michelle's actual performance-- she was spectacular! She skated to "Hands" and there was some changes in choreography. The modifications worked well in my opinion, doing the triple toe loop earlier than before, as well as the layback spin. The skirt made Michelle's layback appear even more splendid, with the material flowing on Michelle's turned-out free leg. The earlier triple toe and layback alowed Michelle to perform the Charlotte spiral in a longer period of time, enchanting the audience! Michelle's smile was radiant, and she skated with so much speed. Michelle did fall on the triple lutz (not enough height), but it was so light, so gentle, so soft, that it was still extremely beautiful! The audience didn't even say "aw", they simply clapped louder as she got up and continued performaing. Michelle fought for the landing on the toe loop, but once again revealed her inner power and determined spirit.

Michelle commenced her encore with the spiral sequence from "A Day in the Life", and skated to the end pose. Was she ever gorgeous. She had this spark, this fire, this presence, that was so superior, and ethereal. Michelle is the best!

To end the coverage, CTV showed memorable clips from the entire week in Nice. Near the conclusion, they showed Michelle and Irina posing for a photograph together with kind friendly smiles!

I rewatched Michelle's exhibitions and I forgot to mention that Michelle actually *improvised* during the encore (she's so amazing and naturally talented!!!!!!!!). You know how they simply play the music from no definite point, at least I assume!? I guess like many skaters who have encores, she didn't know where to begin! Michelle did start with her signature spiral; however, I think the music was ahead of her. Anyway, she didn't finish her entire spiral sequence, instead she added in a split falling leaf-- beauty! I also giggled before the music to "Hands" began, this guy screamed "Go!". It was cute.

By the way, the photos on-line don't really show Michelle's dress as nicely. It was so shimmery on television--imagine seeing it live!

She did it!! Michelle is the new World Champion, and is the first 3-time ladies champion since Katarina Witt, and first American to complete the task since Peggy Fleming in 1968. She now has 3 World titles in the last 5 years. She was amazing in the long program, the best she has skated probably since the Olympics. Her speed, spins, and jumps were all improved from Nationals just weeks ago. To me, this ranks a close number 2 all time to Lyra at '98 Nationals for Michelle. She was just so ON. Her triple toe/triple toe (the only triple/triple combo in the competition) was gorgeous. No matter what the result, this program would have made everyone happy, and it was a signal that the "old" Michelle was back...she has that spark again that's been missing lately. But the fact that she won, having to overcome a third place standing after the short, is an added bonus. :) It was a response to her detracters...she proved them wrong. Check out the Long program results and the Final results. Then, check out some pictures and articles from the long program and medal ceremony:

Michelle is in third place after the short program. In order for her to win her 3rd world title, she would have to win the long program, and finish 2 places ahead of the leader, Maria Butyrskaya. Michelle finally did the flip in the short program, but just saved the jump (that's determination!) The thing that impressed me the most about her perfomance, though, was the improvement in her spins, especially her layback and her sit spin. Good luck tomorrow Michelle! Here is the skate order for the final group...Michelle has to go first in the group again.

  1. Michelle Kwan
  2. Vanessa Gusmeroli
  3. Julia Sebestyen
  4. Maria Butyrskaya
  5. Irina Slutskaya
  6. Sarah Hughes
Check out some pictures and articles from the short program:

Check out the results of qualifying group B, the group Michelle was in. Then, check out the following articles and pictures from the qualifying round:

Finally, check out the Short program skate order. Warning, after the short program starts Friday, this will be replaced by the results.

Kelly writes in her Day 3 report the following about Tuesday's ladies practice:

The Americans were also in this group. Wow, did Sarah Hughes cut her hair short - it's shorter than Kwan's now. She landed her 3toe3loop on the first try, but it took her a while to land the 3sal3loop (she kept doing just the salchow). Her other jumps were fine. Michelle Kwan was rock solid on all her jumps and landed 2 out of 3 3toe3toes she tried. I gave her her good-luck messages after practice. Angela Nikodinov was also rock solid; I didn't see her miss anything...

Saw the American girls practice again this afternoon. Angela looked a little off, but the other two were even more solid than this morning. Gave Sarah her good-luck messages, and Tim was there watching, so I gave him his.

Check out the starting order for qualifying group B, the group Michelle is in, which is skated on Wednesday. Here are a few of the skaters in the group with their starting orders (out of 23):

8-Sarah Hughes
13-Angela Nikodinov
14-Vanessa Gusmeroli
16-Michelle Kwan
17-Irina Slutskaya
21-Viktoria Volchkova

In Kelly's Day 2 report from Worlds, she says that Frank Carroll has confirmed that Michelle will use the triple flip in the short instead of the toe!
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