Michelle's new exhibition program, which she debuted at the Worlds exhibitions, is "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt. Check out the lyrics to the song. At the Worlds exhibitions (which air on Thursday, April 9 from 8-10 pm on ABC) Michelle landed a 3x lutz, 3x toe and doubled her flip. Jodi, our Worlds reporter, was surprised that she didn't do a 2x axel. Finally, if you haven't already, check out the Photo of Michelle Kwan in the exhibition.

Michelle is the 1998 World Champion!! Her long program was breathtaking as always, even with a few technical flaws. And in her last eligible competition, Tonia Kwiatkowski finished 6th! Congratulations Michelle! Check out this picture from the long. Also, read about it in Kwan adds world title to 1998 U.S. crown
Michelle is in first place after the short program at the World Championships. Check out the Complete Results. She received a perfect 6.0 for artistic merit, plus 2 5.8s and 6 5.9s. Her technical scores ranged from 5.5 to 5.8. Read more about her fabulous performance in the article Kwan easily wins short program Also, check out these pictures from the short program:

Michelle came in first place in her qualifying round! The other US lady, Tonia Kwiatkowski, finished 4th in the same round. Also, check out this Photo of Michelle Kwan in the qualifying round. More articles and photos from the qualifying round can be found in my Articles about Michelle page.
Michelle has a great draw for the short program. Out of 30 skaters, she goes 25th! Tonia has an even better draw...she goes 27th!
Michelle had a great first practice at Worlds!! She also got a huge ovation from the crowd. For a first hand account, read Jodi's Worlds report for March 29.
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Photo Jay Adeff