The jumps that Michelle completed at Skate America in her long program were: 3lutz-2toe, 3toe-2toe, 3flip, 2axel, 3loop, 3salchow, 3lutz, and a 3toe. A first hand account about Michelle's long program from Skate America by Liz Kell. "It was a departure from Taj Mahal and Salome. I think it was more in the style of her Winter piece. She skates with same beautiful expressions on her face, like in Winter. (Different from her expressions in TM or Dream of Desdemona). She starts the program by just standing there. No pose. Very simple with her arms hanging at her side. Just a very classy program. She has gone back to her old lutz entry gliding on the long outside edge. She also did all her trademark spins. The program ends differently than TM and Salome with a scratch spin stopping into a beautiful pose. It was not as "light and airy" as expected and it didn't "make me want to cry" but it was very pretty music. The more I think about her costume, the more I like it and think it looked very flattering on her. During the warm-up I overheard a man sitting a couple rows below me talking about Michelle. He was taking all kinds of notes on the performances and scores and I think he may have been a USFSA judge. Anyway I overheard him say 'her long is not as strong as her short.' and 'She's the the classiest lady out there. That's all there is to it.' It really is a winning program. If she hits everything she will win, no question! During the medals ceremony Tara stepped up onto the podium without looking or turning to Michelle so Michelle turned to her and spoke to her and hugged her. Very classy. Also, Michelle received a standing ovation!"

Michelle won Skate America! Check out the full Skate America Results. In the first article Michelle said, "This year, I have so much more love for the sport. Last year, I went through a period where I didn't enjoy it as much." Also, her her short program elements included a Triple Lutz-Double Toe combo, a Double Axel, and a Triple Toe.
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