In the article, Women's Olympics, t his was said about Michelle:

"Michelle Kwan, dignity. How can it be that she's only 17? A videotape of Kwan's remarks after her silver-medal performance should be required viewing for male athletes in every major professional sport.

She did not make excuses. She did not question the judges. She did not act as if she had lost anything more than a figure skating competition -- though it was one she had worked toward most of her life.

It's difficult to imagine Lipinski making an impact beyond skating. It's equally difficult to imagine Kwan remaining confined to such an insular world. She is remarkably mature and serene. And after Salt Lake City, she'll still be only 21."

Michelle Kwan is the 1998 Olympic Silver Medalist! Although she did not win the gold, she skated a great program and is still a champion in my eyes. Judging by the over 200 e-mails I received in the last two days, you, her fans, agree. Good luck to Michelle at Worlds!!
There are many articles about the short program in the Articles about Michelle section. Also, check out a picture of Michelle in Kiss and Cry after the short program.
Check out a picture of Michelle's first practice on Olympic ice!
Michelle is in Nagano!!! She arrived yesterday, and had her first Olympic practice today (in Japan time...around noon, Feb 10.) When they started broadcasting the practice on CBS, she was just about to do a runthrough of her long program. Scott Hamilton said that she was having a great practice. He was surprised that she decided to go to the long program practice as her first Olympic practice. She did a complete runthrough, and except for a mistake on her triple lutz/double toe combination in the beginning, she did great. She landed the second triple lutz, the triple salchow, and the triple toe to end the program. Great job, and a nice surprise to watch her practice!! It brought me back to Nationals. :-)
Michelle was interviewed during the CBS coverage of the Opening Ceremonies on Friday. She said that she is not sure when she is going to leave for Nagano, and is continuing physical therapy on her toe. If you did not hear the interview, you can listen to it at Michelle Kwan--US Figure Skater. Past audio clips can be found there as well.
In her teleconference, Michelle said that she isn't sure if she is going to attend the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. She said that she would like to attend the ceremonies, but she is still undergoing physical therapy three times a week. Michelle is also trying to relax prior to the Olympics. She said, "I've been watching like 100 movies a day, and just relaxing and talking with friends." However, she has also been catching up on homework and studying for finals in French, English, history and computer courses, which she put off until after Nationals. She also said that she decided to change her long program costume because, "I looked at tape of (October's) Skate America, and I didn't like the costume in my long program. It was too distracting, like people would be looking at my costume and not my skating. So we changed it and made it more flowing, like clouds, more simple and basic."
Check out Brian Boitano Will Miss '98 Olympics, where Brian says that he will be rooting for Michelle at the Olympics. He also said that "I love her. We're friends and I feel like a mentor to her."
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