Check out my report from the two ladies practices (and mens and dance competition) at Nationals on Thursday, January 18. Hopefully I'll eventually post my reports from the rest of the week.

Check out some pictures of Michelle practicing at Nationals:

2001 Nationals has begun! The ladies short program is on Friday and the long program is on Saturday. The starting order for the ladies short program is out. Michelle skates 15th out of 19 skaters. Here is the complete starting order list:

  1. Andrea Gardiner
  2. Alicia Cavanaugh
  3. Sara Wheat
  4. Katie Lee
  5. Elizabeth Kwon
  6. Stephanie Chace-Bass
  7. Angela Nikodinov
  8. Ye Bin Mok
  9. Sasha Cohen
  10. Stacey Pensgen
  11. Lisa Nesuda
  12. Amber Corwin
  13. Stephanie Roth
  14. Beatrisa Liang
  15. Michelle Kwan
  16. Naomi Nari Nam
  17. Sarah Hughes
  18. Jennifer Kirk
  19. Ann Patrice McDonough

I will be attending Nationals starting Thursday. I will be writing daily reports from the event. I'll try to attend as many practices as possible, and, of course, the competition itself! Check out my Nationals page with articles, photo links, and results. Starting Thursday night, my reports will be posted. I will hopefully get some good pictures at the event, and they will be posted within the next week or so.

On IFS's site, they have a small article about ABC's coverage of Nationals. It sounds like they will have a nice profile of Michelle during the coverage:

"We will have something very special with Michelle at Nationals," said coordinating producer Curt Gowdy Jr. "It will be a very in-depth, emotional career retrospective look at her story and the success she's had as the National Champion over the years she's competed."
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