Check out these two audio clips from Michelle's Monday press conference, where Michelle talks about skating at Nationals, courtesy of CNN.

Well, I'm sure you all know by now that Michelle is the 1998 US Figure Skating Champion!!! She earned 15 perfect 6.0s in her two performances! Therefore, she won the 1998 Chevrolet Perfect 6.0 Award, which is given to the skater who receives the most 6.0s during the championships. Michelle was awarded a red convertible! When she was awarded with the keys, she skated around like she was driving a car. Also, the 15 perfect scores were the most ever in a US Nationals. Congratulations Michelle, and good luck in Nagano!!
Well, since it has been on TV, I can write about Michelle's performance in the short program at Nationals...she is in first place! She did a beautiful, almost perfect performance. I was crying, screaming, and clapping my hands so hard, that they became numb. I was so nervous about Michelle's triple flip. She was having a hard time with that jump in the practices. In the warnmup, she was landing the triple lutz/double toe combo, but not perfectly. I was so nervous for this competition! She did the flip right in front of me. I wanted to jump out of my seat then! Watching it on television can not even convey the emotions of the crowd. It was amazing.
Michelle was in both the short and long program practices today. I got her autograph, and got my picture taken with her. Read about the ladies practices, and more from my day at Nationals.
Michelle is here! Frank Carroll told my friend that she arrived already, and will be at the practice tomorrow! So, be sure to check out my Nationals report tomorrow. For more on todays practice from the mens and ladies, check out my Nationals Report.
When I was at the mens long program practice on Jan. 3, I saw Frank Carroll, Michelle Kwan's coach, who was there coaching one of his other students, Michael Chack. I told him that I have a Michelle Kwan Fan Page, and that she has many fans. When I asked how she is doing, he shook his hand saying "so-so". That *really* upset me. I told him that she has many fans rooting her on, and he said thank you. I guess we will have to wait and see how she does on January 8th, the day of the ladies short program.
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