Inna sent me the following information relating to Michelle's computer game. Interesting! :) (Thanks Inna!)

I agree that the Michelle Kwan game is neat. I have a copy myself. I heard though that Semilogic (the company that made Michelle Kwan) is coming out with Michelle Kwan Online. It will be like the PC version except we'll be able to compete online and it'll have a chat program that's actually a LOT better than anything available to figure skaters and figure skating fans right now.

I understand that's coming (unofficially anyway) in July and officially in December.

In this week's ad for CompUSA, there was an ad for Michelle's Figure Skating Game. A picture of the box, plus the price of $29.99 was listed. I bought the game yesterday, but I haven't tried putting it on my computer yet. Reading the instructions, though, it looks really interesting!
Download a demo of Michelle's computer game, Michelle Kwan Figure Skating. Computer requirements are same as for the game listed below. The demo is 12.8MB. You can download it in the following places:

Michelle's computer game is being shipped to stores! Check out this press release about it, with lots of info on the game! But it looks like I won't be able to use it since I don't have the right requirements on my computer. :-( The article says minimum system requirements include a Pentium 200 MHz, 32 MB, and a DirectDraw compatible video card. Read more about it in the following articles:

In conjunction with Michelle's computer game coming out, has a contest where you can meet Michelle backstage at COI this summer! Check it out! Also at the site, you see a video preview the game. Finally, the following screenshots from the game are on the site:

New info on Michelle's computer game! On Semilogic's site, it says the following:

"Michelle Kwan Figure Skating" finished
October 27th, 1999

"Michelle Kwan Figure Skating", developed by Semi Logic Entertainments and published by Electronic Arts (EA) is finished and should be arriving in stores soon.

While you wait, we've posted some screenshots of the game for you. Click on the box...

Also, stay tuned because there is more just around the corner. Please check back with us soon...

The screenshots that are on Semilogic's Michelle Kwan Figure Skating page are from the final version of the game. Check them out!:

Amy Lynn wrote the following on FSW about Michelle's upcoming computer game.

I noticed that Electronic Arts has information up on it's site about the computer game "Michelle Kwan's Figure Skating". I check out a few distributers and it seems that the game will be available on October 20th.I am not sure if this is a release date or an in store date but it is coming soon. They all had it priced between $28 and $30.

Here are some of the features that were listed:

  • Skate as Michelle Kwan or other top amateur figure skaters
  • USFA rules and judging standards
  • Import your own face and skate as yourself
  • Design your own costumes and choreograph custom routines
  • Choose your own music for your routines
  • Compete in venues around the world
  • Simple controls and intuitive gameplay
  • Create and print out a scrapbook of your skating career
  • Performance highlights you can e-mail to others, even if they don't have the game

New info on Michelle's computer game! Semi Logic has updated their site with the following info:

August 27th, 1999

Semi Logic has released new screenshots from it's upcoming game, Michelle Kwan's Figure Skating Championships. Recently, a new look was given to the game which is represented by the screenshots themselves.

The new screenshots:

Jump down to see what Semi Logic originally had on their site.
Early samples of Michelle's game are online at Semi Logic's site. Semi Logic is the company that is developing the game, which has the working title, Michelle Kwan Championship Figure Skating. On the news page, it states that, "the information and pictures posted on the site are early samples. Anything shown here does not represent the final product in any way." That said, check out their page on Michelle Kwan's Figure Skating Championship. Or, just check out the following sample screen shots for the game:

Just days after being in the top 10 of a poll of most appealing athlete endorsers, Michelle lands another endorsement! Get ready to spend more time on your computer later this year. Electronic Arts will be releasing a figure skating game in time for Christmas "starring" Michelle! Players can either skate as Michelle or themselves by importing a photo into the game. The game allows players to create their own choreographed routines, design their own costumes, choose their music, select arenas from around the world and create scrapbooks of their skating and email highlights to friends. Electronic Arts is the world's largest interactive entertainment software company, and produce successful games such as SimCity. EA's Supervising Producer, Mitzi McGilvray, said, "We couldn't think of a better role model to have as we launch our first game for girls. We are honored to work with Michelle Kwan, who is a worldwide icon, respected and admired by millions of fans throughout the world." The game is targeted for girls from ages 8 to 13 (the first time EA is targeting that demographic), but this is one 19 year old that will be buying it! Check out the following articles about this great deal (plus more in the Articles about Michelle section):

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