First, I'd like to thank everyone for putting up with the wait. I hope you will feel that it was worth it!

Thanks to...

Grace, for putting up with me, and my constant questioning and complaining (yea, I know I'll be on the other end soon).

Jenny, Susan, and tintin, fellow Kwan fanatics that helped me immensely.

Those at the MK forum who helped me with broken links, thank you so much!

The following photographers who have granted me permission to use their photos. Without you, this site would be pretty bare:

Leah Adams
Jay Adeff

Beni of 'My Favorite Skaters'

Veronica Boettger

Richard M. Hartman
Tracy Marks

J. Barry Mittan
Rebecca Patrick
David A. Reichel
Jodi Rogers

Dan Schmitt
Pat Sormani
Michelle Wojdyla

Susan Yeh

I know I always forget someone, so thanks to everyone I have ever been in touch with. ;)

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Photo Heather Winfield